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Why food counts when it comes to Single Parenting

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Why food counts when it comes to Single Parenting

Parenting brings so many joys. Some of the greatest joys life has to offer, in fact! But everyone knows it presents its fair set of challenges too. And hey, when you are doing it single handedly, those challenges can feel even greater.

Some of the most common feedback comments I get from my clients with children are:

  • I have so little time to myself (or perhaps none!).
  • I am not getting the sleep I need.
  • I am multitasking so much; I don’t know whether I am coming or going.
  • My brain feels frazzled a lot of the time.
  • It is very difficult to put myself first.
  • I am constantly tired.
  • When I eat, I eat on the run or I grab what I can to eat in the car on the school run.
  • Day off? What’s that?

For all the love, joy, warmth, affection, heart-opening and life-expanding experiences children bring us, the reality of being a parent also puts demands on time, energy levels and nerves … (and sometimes – let’s face it – on patience too.)

The result of this is that often precisely the periods of time when we need to look after ourselves the most are the times when it is most difficult to do so. But it is important not to lose sight of the fact that every food we eat will either nudge our bodies into the direction of energy and health or into the opposite direction of depletion, strain and imbalance. Our bodies are incredibly resilient bits of machinery, but they need the right kind of fuel in order to work their magic. So finding ways to nourish our bodies is key, and prioritising this is a choice we can make every single day, regardless of our circumstances. It does not need to take a huge amount of time or effort – just a conscious choice and the right amount of knowledge about what foods will or won’t serve our health.

Food and nutrition are amazing and crucial tools for experiencing better energy levels, improved sleep quality, balanced moods and sharp brain function. By using food as a starting point for good health, not only will you feel better yourself, you will also be setting a wonderful example for your kids about how to eat healthily and how to view food as an ally in health as well as a source of pleasure. This can also be life-changing for a child’s long-term health and relationship with food going forward. Stay tuned to these blogs for regular nutrition tips, lifestyle hacks and recipe ideas that will bring you and your children benefits, with achievable and realistic suggestions.


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