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The major misunderstanding about emotions and how it affects your business

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The major misunderstanding about emotions and how it affects your business

In the not so recent past, the words “feelings” and “emotions” were nothing that belonged in the business world!

Lucky for us though, we live in this new age of openness and opportunities. With the internet we are now more connected than ever and starting a business has become something you could try for yourself, should you choose to do so.

With the development of society, we now have many misunderstandings

 What is happening in our societies, when it comes to emotions? Let’s look at some major points and see how they affect your business.

Emotions are good or bad

In the first place, emotions are just what they are: emotions! The emotion in itself is not good or bad. Emotions are indicators, very precious ones I consider being one of your most powerful personal resources. Not using this resource in a competent way though, means you don’t have enough of the life energy that this resource can provide you with at your disposal.

Usually, as a mom or dad-preneur, you have already so much workload that you just try to get it all going. In general, you are overwhelmed and chasing time. This makes you lose energy and then the domino effect is, you start to become less focus in those sectors of your business you are not an expert in.

The Mountain…

We can’t be good at everything that is needed to run a business especially when you are facing a mountain called single parenthood. Only those who are single parents understand how being overwhelmed, leads to the so-called “bad” feelings.

Do you know this overwhelming feeling also affects relationships with clients, teams, partners, etc? With your “bad” emotion setting, it starts a spiral that can stop you in your tracks, like an almighty hovering danger sign with the work BURNOUT written all over it!

How can you change and start unlocking your superpower?

  • Become aware of how and what you feel during business – if possible write it down

– Ask yourself questions after every meeting or major task – like “how did that make me feel” or “why did it make me feel this way or that way”

Awareness is the first step to the development and integrating emotions are your personal well of energy. If you do these first steps and write them down, you will see behaviour patterns.

In time you will see how important your emotions are. They are there to show you what is going on and not just to make you feel good or bad. In time the Competence will develop as well. And this will give you the power to level and be more present in your business.


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