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About Us

Hope. Inspiration. Empowerment.

Supermum Charity Initiative (SMCI)formerly Single Super Mums (SSM) support group is a non-profit establishment for the purpose of providing support to single mothers (widowed, divorced, separated, unwedded) who live through life defying the odds and knocking down stereotypes every day.

14,000+ members across Africa, predominantly in Nigeria.

Our Vision is to provide single mothers and their children with hope, inspiration and empowerment necessary for all-round stability.

  1. To provide members the enablement to lead successful families against all odds who will in turn become productive citizens in their communities.
  2. To provide members’ families the hope and skills necessary to build an economically and emotionally stable home environment through sustainable programs.
  3. To provide the framework for a mentoring and support program for members and their children.
  4. To provide members with a structure that caters for their immediate needs.
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Our supportive resources range from nurturance, tangible, informational, companionship and intangible.

Emotional support:  We offer a form of esteem or appraisal support to show empathy, concern, affection, love, trust, acceptance, intimacy, encouragement and care for our members. It is the warmth and nurturance provided through our support system. Providing emotional support helps members know they are valued. 

Tangible support: It is our hope to provide instrumental support which encompasses the concrete, direct ways of assisting members. This would involve provision of financial assistance, material goods, or services to members.

Informational support: We provide advice, guidance, suggestions, or useful information to our members. Information provided are quite relevant and potential to help single mothers in tackling challenges faced.

Companionship support: It is a platform that gives members a sense of social belonging.  We let single mothers and their children know that they are not alone, by engaging in shared social activities.

Supermum Charity Initiative is an online support group which is quite similar to face-to-face social support, but also offers the unique aspects of convenience, anonymity, and non-judgmental interactions. It provides members with emotional comfort that relates them to others while creating awareness about similar challenges faced.

Members are able to form fulfilling supportive relationships in an asynchronous format and this form of support proves to be effective in reducing members’ scores on depression, perceived stress, and other related trauma faced by single moms.

Constant communication among members increases the ability to cope with single motherhood stress. Our Online Social support is available to everyone with internet access and allows members to create relationships and receive encouragement for whatever issue they may be facing.


  1. We operate a no cash policy for Transparency
  2. For all expenditures, accounts are rendered for Accountability
  3. We work together as a TEAM because :





  1. We recognize the diversity of members and their CULTURE and we celebrate it.
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